CLIPS for your Paper Filters

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

CLIPS for your Paper Filters

Postby KingHazzah » Oct 23rd, '09, 16:08

I love the paper filers as an option when I need to make tea with a minimum of cleanup mess (especially when out somewhere and you just gotta have a GREAT cuppa full leaf tea, not some of those off the grocery shelf dusty fanning bags YUCK :( ) but it would be nice if you could get the clips that I've seen elsewhere from other companies that hold the top of the bags (like a ladies barrett so I've been told from a lady friend) shut after you fill them with your favorite dry ingredients to brew. While the bags do work fine by themselves, this little widget actually WORKS! Thanks for listening, whadaya think? :wink:

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Re: CLIPS for your Paper Filters

Postby Tea and coffee » Oct 25th, '09, 05:39

The dollar stores around here sell some chip clip type things but in a bag with around 15 clips of various size made of plastic.

Is that sort of the same item?
I guess it would be more convenient for Adagio to sell those, but dollar stores kinda have something like that- i use them lots in my kitchen for stuff...

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Re: CLIPS for your Paper Filters

Postby KellyJ » Nov 12th, '09, 06:45

I just fold the top over, make it into a triangle and staple it shut like one of the cheaper tea bags you'd get at the grocery store.

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Re: CLIPS for your Paper Filters

Postby Thistledown » Jan 10th, '10, 20:22

Try heat sealing the tops - I know it sounds crazy, but actually works. I have done it with another brand of paper filter very similar in looks to Adagio's. There are small heat sealers out there, but I (carefully) used a household iron.

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