Flavored Teas and Calories???

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby CWAbbottFamily » Oct 17th, '09, 16:25

I'm new here. :D

I have searched the forum trying to find an answer to my question, but not finding it. I am a bit lame in the *searching things out* department though. :oops:

I am positive that I have read *somewhere* that flavored teas have extra calories. How do I find out that information?

I am currently logging my foods trying to keep an accurate picture of my calorie intake and not sure how to list my Seasonal Eggnog Blend or Valentines Blend or the many others that I enjoy here at adagioteas.


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Re: Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby silvermage2000 » Oct 18th, '09, 15:55

Most of the time they don't mainly if its something like chocolate chips,cocoa butter chocolate chunks,things in the line I would think.

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Re: Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby AdamMY » Oct 18th, '09, 16:01

I'm with Silver mage on this, while I can not believe that oils and such don't add calories to the beverage, its probably insubstantial on the Calorie Scale.

Though of course adding candies and candied fruits to tea, I can figure is similar to adding flavored sugar, though I do not know where to look up the Calories in those teas.

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Re: Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby braven » Nov 2nd, '09, 16:56

I think most of the oils are rather like canola or olive when it comes to calories, but then again, I could be wrong.

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Re: Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby gayoc » Oct 9th, '10, 12:25

It is just like on beer. It depends on the food or drink. But you are right, most flavored drinks have higher calorie in it. You have to choose flavored drinks with lower calories.

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Re: Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby entropyembrace » Oct 9th, '10, 19:03

according to Adagio some of their fruit teas can have up to 8 calories...I assume per cup...


If you check calorie counting websites they will give similar numbers for flavoured teas

I´ve never seen calorie counts for cups of flavoured teas going above 10 calories per cup...so it´s pretty much a non-issue.

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Re: Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby Alex » Oct 11th, '10, 14:37

I burnt 12 calories just reading this thread.

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Re: Flavored Teas and Calories???

Postby chiqclick » Dec 8th, '11, 03:21


However, I do think that getting flavored teas will give you more calories.

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