Black tea with pomegranate

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Black tea with pomegranate

Postby Teatime » Dec 8th, '05, 08:11

I would be great if Adagio would offer a black tea with pomegranate!



Postby PeteVu » Dec 8th, '05, 13:10

pomegranate is actually one of my favorite flavors too! great idea i think.

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Postby sippy cup » Feb 6th, '06, 21:17

ooh, yeah. pomegranate juice and tea are mostly all i drink now anyway--a pomegranate flavored tea sounds amazing.

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Pomegranate Tea

Postby Cynthia » Feb 19th, '06, 13:19

I recently brewed some Republic of Tea's Pomegranate Tea and was very disappointed. I tried it as a hot tea and also iced but the flavor was just not strong enough so I ended up adding some bottled pomegranate juice to the pitcher of iced tea and it was ok. However, I would prefer pomegranate juice over ice compared to the watery pomegranate tea, even with the addition of the juice. ( I used more than 2 tsp. per 8 oz for the iced version and let it steep a long time. They said the length of steep wouldn't make the tea bitter. They were right but it didn't make it any better either.)

Now the Minister of the Republic of Tea will probably come arrest me.......

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Postby keelyn » Mar 28th, '06, 12:24

Pomegranate is a great idea! They should also offer it in white and green tea in addition to black. It should compliment the flavors of those as well.

I'm also in favor of a lychee tea in black, green, and white. Anyone thought of this flavor too?

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Postby klemptor » Mar 28th, '06, 12:47

Lychee's been recommended as well on this board before. I don't think Adagio has plans for it. Personally, I'd love to see a white lychee (made with silver needle).

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Pomegranate Green Tea

Postby flying purple people » Oct 2nd, '06, 04:09

It is the Best. I was a Passion Flower tea drinker before but that is allll over now. I'm From the south Soo of course I make my Pomegranate green tea just like a Pitcher of Fresh Sweet Iced Tea There is nothing better. 4 tea bags just to the boiling point drop the bags in let it get good and red add 1 cup of suger(but of course I add more i'm young I will watch the suger after I turn 30). Then I like to make a big glass of ice pour the hot water over. That first glass is always the best with some sips alittle warm and others cold. the rest i just and a leter of ice to in the pitcher. This one is a great pick you up in the middle of the day a work promise just try.

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Postby xfxgeforced » Oct 9th, '06, 09:32

I had some Black Currant tea yesterday, and I think a Currant tastes similar to a pomegranite, and ive also had pomegranite tea and both made me personally want to throw up 8)


Postby mokie » Oct 28th, '06, 15:12

Behold the ancient thread resurrected!

That is, I've not had Republic of Tea's version for comparision, but Eastern Shore Tea Co. makes a good pomegranate tea. Thought I should mention, in case anyone's still looking. ;)

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Postby Amanda » Oct 29th, '06, 20:00

we were working on a version at Adagio, but between the move and now the holidays, it appears the project has been postponed a bit...

in the meantime, thanks for the recommendation (I've been craving some too!) ;)


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Postby Chip » Nov 23rd, '06, 00:28

I just cracked open a I love them. The flavor is so intense and fruity.

I think I might sqeeze some and make my own flavored tea. I went through a flavored tea stage years ago, but my tastes have changed, and I haven't had a flavored tea for years. But something about adding fresh pomegranate juice is very appealing right now. Hmmm, black, green, white...oolong....

POM's web site is pretty interesting... ...They actually have a bunch of pomegranate flavored teas too. The site also has some helpful info of such things as how to easily open and harvest the arils.

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Postby InfuseMe » Dec 12th, '06, 21:56

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Postby Samovar » Dec 13th, '06, 07:46

Oh my!!! I am so excited!!!! (Getting order ready now)!!

Thank you for the heads up!!


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Postby Samovar » Dec 13th, '06, 08:14

I just placed my order!! I included the Valentines tea also!

Thank you, Adagio!

This is a very good day! :D


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Postby InfuseMe » Dec 13th, '06, 16:20

I should be getting my sample on Friday! I think I will make some pomegranate martinis in the meantime to tide me over until then... :D

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