puerh stuffed oranges/tangerines

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puerh stuffed oranges/tangerines

Postby jogrebe » Jun 17th, '06, 03:20

Does anyone know of a good place to buy those dried oranges/tangerines that have been stuffed with cooked puerh before they were dried. I've heard good things about them and really want to try sometime. I know Yunnan Source on ebay has them in large amounts (500g for $42 after shipping) but that is way too much to be buying to try.

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Postby majalise » Aug 15th, '06, 21:01

I haven't tried them yet but holy mountain sells them online for $5 each, but then there is shipping If you buy $50 of stuff there's no shipping charge.


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Postby lakewaves222 » Aug 20th, '06, 15:55

In China they use pomelo fruit skins to pack the Pu'er in , gives it some added flavor

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Postby majalise » Sep 8th, '06, 20:05

:x Finally tried the stuffed tangerines from Holy Mtn. No thank you! Unimpressed, did not like. No tangerine flavor either. Don't recommend.

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Postby jogrebe » Sep 8th, '06, 21:32

Thanks for the tip, in that case I'll just try adding a little orange juice to a cheap cooked puerh instead of going out of my way to buy them ;)

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Postby sjschen » Dec 14th, '06, 08:56

I find zesting a tangerine peeling into decent shou puerh as a good way of doing it too.

Though I'm sure orange juice works just fine ;)

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Postby bearsbearsbears » Dec 15th, '06, 09:17

I tried the tangerines from Scott and liked them. If you email him I find he's always willing to make accomodations, such as selling less of something. But, there's an alternative:

In hong kong they add dried mandarin orange peel to cooked pu'er, aged liu an, and dahongpao...i know you're not often in chinatown, but you can find it there, or at an herbalist or organic produce store or somewhere, I'm sure. Or just dry your own. In hong kong, they treasure older dried mandarin skins...the older the better. Tiffany at Best Tea House uses 25-year skins, and her partner Rosa uses 5-year.

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Postby heatwaves » May 11th, '07, 21:36

I purchased 500 g from Scott and I actually quite enjoy the tea. 500 grams is way too much for me, however. If anyone is interested, I'd be willing to give you a tangerine for a nominal charge -- $3 + $1 shipping. (My cost is actually about $2.25 per tangerine, but I figure Paypal will charge me about .50-.75 cents for the transaction.) Each tangerine provides about 40-60 grams of tea.

If interested, please contact me at nicksjunk at adelphia dot net.

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shoupu orange

Postby hop_goblin » May 12th, '07, 09:28

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Postby duo » May 12th, '07, 23:12

I bought these puerh stuffed tangerines from Yunnan Sourcing (Scott) and thought they were terrible. I gave them away. The puerh is poor quality. There was no pronounced citrus flavor.

Just putting a fresh orange peel in a good quality puerh will work better.

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Postby jogrebe » Jun 12th, '07, 17:56

I had some a few months ago from Puerh Shop (long since sold out) and I'd have to say that they were ok but not great. Worth trying but I have no plans on buying more. Adding orange juice to a cheap ripe puerh turns out a lot better.

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