Adagio TeaV episode 46: Wedding Cake

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Adagio TeaV episode 46: Wedding Cake

Postby ilya » Nov 16th, '09, 16:52

Take a glimpse inside Zack's kitchen as he offers his thought's on Tanya Laird's Wedding Cake. Apparently, the combination of almond, vanilla and strawberry tea is delicious in Zack's mouth.

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Re: Adagio TeaV episode 46: Wedding Cake

Postby Victoria » Nov 16th, '09, 17:04

Wow, Aphro, congrats!!

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Re: Adagio TeaV episode 46: Wedding Cake

Postby Ebtoulson » Nov 16th, '09, 20:49

I know you said you want to do a generalized way to make iced tea but you should really show how to cold brew tea. I prefer cold brew because it gives it a lighter taste with no tannins and its really quite easy to do.

Simply fill your pitcher with cold water and add the proper amount of tea leaves (~1 tsp per cup). I normally leave all my teas in the fridge for about 4 hours, if its rolled then try 6 hours. Then just strain and enjoy. I've read that your not supposed to cold brew herbals and flowers because of toxins, but I can't verify if that information is true.

Here is where I originally found the article: Cold Brewing

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Re: Adagio TeaV episode 46: Wedding Cake

Postby zack » Nov 19th, '09, 13:28

Cold brewing is a unique and fun process. I like to do both, but I also enjoy maximizing my caffeine output through brewing with hot water.

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Re: Adagio TeaV episode 46: Wedding Cake

Postby Aphroditea » Nov 24th, '09, 08:46

Victoria wrote:Wow, Aphro, congrats!!

:oops: I is speechless.

Thank you Zack! It totally made my week since so far it has been pretty stressy and my mom loved that she got tangentally mentioned. :lol:

FYI: Make it pretty strong if you do ice it, because the aroma is stronger than the flavor and the first couple of times I tried it I misgaged - just be on the safe side and put in more leaf than you think :wink:

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