Honey Tea

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Honey Tea

Postby beckynoel » Nov 22nd, '09, 19:29

I have had honey flavored black tea once and it was fantastic! My boyfriend brought some back home for me from a trip to Vermont. Alas it is all gone. I would love to see Adagio carry some in loose leaf form. It would be a perfect flavor for blending.

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Re: Honey Tea

Postby teaisme » Nov 24th, '09, 16:32

What kind of black tea was it?
What was the taste like vs a black tea with real honey added afterwards?

I did a quick search and couldn't really find a honey black tea except for one place, Angelina's Tea, a store on ebay. This is about $8 an ounce(shipping included) and harvest year is not stated.
It is an orange pekoe from Sri Lanka if you are interested.

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Re: Honey Tea

Postby Intuit » Nov 24th, '09, 17:09

Honey Tea
http://www.culinaryteas.com/Flavored_Te ... y_Tea.html

It's a generic name for a tea. May or maynot be item you are seeking; worth contacting the company to inquire, maybe sample it.


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Re: Honey Tea

Postby beckynoel » Nov 24th, '09, 18:29

The honey tea that I tried was from a small wild flower shop in VT. It was bagged tea, not loose leaf, so the quality wasn't that good, but it had a great aroma.

I saw that honey tea from that culinaryteas site. It looks super good and am considering ordering some. Thanks for the info!

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Re: Honey Tea

Postby TheTeaSpot » Dec 30th, '09, 03:27

I also looked for honey tea on the adagio site and didn't find any, but would love to see it in the future. :)

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Re: Honey Tea

Postby Chip » Dec 30th, '09, 13:25

... or one could get some different honeys and have fun adding your own. A little goes a long way.

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