HolidayTea gifts

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HolidayTea gifts

Postby Samovar » Dec 25th, '06, 14:06

Did anyone receive any tea related items for Christmas/Holidays?

I am so excited that I have to share. I have always wanted the Tea Chest from the Bombay store. It holds twelve tea bags. The lid is hinged. The lid has a beautiful beveled glass top so that the tea bags are visible.

I received it from my husband! What a wonderful gift!

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Postby Cinnamon » Dec 26th, '06, 10:08

I received a tea cozy from Ireland. It had a small, daisy-like flower on the fabric, which is apparently their national wildflower. I also got some tea from Wales. My mother was over there recently and really enjoyed it so she got some to bring back to me. I haven't had a chance to open it yet so I can't say how it is, but I'll be trying it soon.

Congrats on the Tea Chest, Teatime! I've seen that before and it is very beautiful. What a wonderful husband you have. :D
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Postby Madam Potts » Dec 26th, '06, 17:29

This year I did not get any time gifts! :(

I am however feeling like giving, so the next 3 people who send me a private message with their name and address will get a small gift of tea (what type/how much to be determined).


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Postby TeaFanatic » Dec 26th, '06, 18:20

My dad got me tea from upton (unfortunately not adagio, but upton is my second favorite tea company). He got me a ti kuan yin, a loose leaf pu-erh, pau mu tan, and Green young hyson, and they are all delicious. This is my favorite time of year because I get a bunch of tea for free!
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Postby lenny7 » Dec 26th, '06, 19:17

My wife gave me the IngenuiTEA (the gift set with 4 sample tins), the 16oz glass mug, two other large mugs, 5 other sample tins from here, and 5 sample bags from TeaSource. I've been brewing tea like a madman! I told her I wanted the IngenuiTea and she came up with the rest.

I just started drinking tea about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I'm now addicted. Having tons of new teas to try doesn't help curb my newfound habit either.
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Postby Molly » Dec 29th, '06, 18:53

I bought the TriniTEA for myself...does that count? :wink:
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Postby jogrebe » Dec 29th, '06, 19:28

I got an IngenuiTEA and 1.25 pounds of loose tea.
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