top ten historical teas

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top ten historical teas

Postby changeangeling » Dec 13th, '09, 19:07

Hi out there...I've been musing on what the top ten historical teas might be--in other words, the teas that changed the world.
I think I'd include Bohea on my list (thrown overboard in the Boston Tea Party), and Matcha for its importance in Japanese society, but does anyone have any other suggestions?
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Re: top ten historical teas

Postby Chip » Dec 13th, '09, 20:15

I could not imagine not having Long Jing on this list, it is on virtually every one of China's most famous teas, it is reported to be the most consumed tea in China and possibly the world. It has its place on the most historical teas list.

Heh, it is also likely the most couterfeited of teas as well, though the recent surge in Pu-erh may now top that list.

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