Tea REPO video

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Tea REPO video

Postby xine » Dec 17th, '09, 12:43

Hey folks, come check out a Very Special Episode of AdagioTV. We were served with some legal-looking papers last month in regards to our popular Signature Blends. If you know someone who purchased one of these mixed up blends please email us at tearepo@adagio.com, and we'll send over Zach Luye to REPO your tea!


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Re: Tea REPO video

Postby teaisme » Dec 17th, '09, 13:33

are you serious?
that's retarded, screw celestial seasonings, their just mad whole leaf is growing in popularity and they can't compete

I'd be interested to see the legal documents, but of course posting them online would probably just cause more problems

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Re: Tea REPO video

Postby Janine » Dec 17th, '09, 14:20

Hilarious! I love this, looking forward to seeing future broadcasts :-)

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Re: Tea REPO video

Postby Ebtoulson » Dec 17th, '09, 17:25

haha amazing!

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Re: Tea REPO video

Postby geeber1 » Dec 17th, '09, 19:21

Celestial Seasonings certainly thinks a lot of themselves, don't they?

Great video, keep up the good work!

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Re: Tea REPO video

Postby bsteele » Dec 17th, '09, 21:11

I love that they are willing to settle for $20,000 :roll:

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Re: Tea REPO video

Postby RachelC » Dec 18th, '09, 21:32

Hysterical. Way to handle the situation. Will the world ever be safe again? We will never know. :lol:

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Re: Tea REPO video

Postby zack » Dec 20th, '09, 16:17

Please, don't be hero guys.

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