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Signature Blends

Postby keensense » Dec 28th, '09, 20:27

Hi all!
Please take a look at my signature blends, especially two that are "retiring" in favor of others. I crafted a Happy New Year Tea (strawberry, lemongrass, vanilla) blend too - just in time. :) If you want me to try one of yours, let me know. I like just about all kinds of tea (except Earl Grey - but if you've got it in a blend, I'll try it!).

A Rainy Day Pick-Me-Up
Liquid Candy Corn - Decaf
A Holiday Pick-Me-Up

The Wonderland Series
Alice (The Wonderland Series)
One Tart Queen of Hearts (The Wonderland Series)
White Rabbit (The Wonderland Series)
Wonderland (The Wonderland Series)

Additional blends:
Almond Cookie: almond and vanilla
Angelic Sassy Brew: cranberry, peach and cherry green
Apricot Cobbler: apricot, vanilla and chamomile
Au Courant Dessert: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors - a low caffeine treat
Autumn Chai: candy apple, caramel, chai
Autumn's Walk: hazelnut, chocolate and vanilla (I made this one for my grandmother, a huge coffee fan)
Blackberry Bliss: blackberry and mint
Cloud 9: apricot and vanilla
Liquid Candy Corn: vanilla, caramel and almond
Merry Christmas: Christmas, cinnamon and mint
Merry Christmas - Decaf: spice and mint
Mikki's Mellow Moment: mint and chamomile (for my mother - known as Mikki :) )
Sweet Escape: chocolate and strawberry

Thanks! Happy Holidays!
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