Pomegranate Herbal?

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Pomegranate Herbal?

Postby Capella » Jan 6th, '10, 18:51

I know Adagio has a pomegranate black, but what about an herbal or mixed with a rooibos/honeybush, for those of us who can't have or don't like caffeinated teas? Would anyone else like this?

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Re: Pomegranate Herbal?

Postby teabunnie » Jan 7th, '10, 16:44

I think I'd be more willing to experiment with pomegranate tea if it came in something other than black. I'm just not comfortable mixing black tea into an herbal blend just to get the pomegranate flavor.

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Re: Pomegranate Herbal?

Postby CarrieKY » Jan 21st, '10, 19:42

That sounds wonderful to me!
I drink all kinds of tea, but I usually have two pots at night, and I can`t have the caffeine that late.
Pomegranate is one of my favorite flavors....

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