Is there something in common to all Adagio teas?

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Is there something in common to all Adagio teas?

Postby AlexZorach » Oct 31st, '09, 10:45

I placed my first order recently and I have sampled 5 out of the 6 teas so far. I'm still forming my perspective! I like to drink new teas several times over a period of several days before deciding how I really feel about it.

Relative to other tea companies, comparing to similar types of tea from other companies, I find the Adagio teas to all follow a similar pattern:

  • They are all intensely aromatic.
  • The aromas tend to be very fruity and at times almost candy-like.
  • The aromas tend to be a bit ethereal, evaporating on the tongue into a clean, almost bland aftertaste.
  • The flavors tend to be much sweeter and less bitter.
  • They all brew a very clear liquor.
  • They all tend on the thin-bodied side.

Is it just the peculiar teas I ordered?

I'm particularly thinking of comparing the honeybush to other honeybush, the pouchong to other pouchong, and the Oolong #18 to other Dong Ding's. The Dancong Aria or Xue Ya ballad I haven't tried anything similar to but they also seemed to fit that pattern. The Xue Ya ballad so far is my favorite tea and seems to deviate most from the pattern described above. I haven't tried the Rooibos yet but the aroma of the dry leaf seems to fit this pattern too.


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Re: Is there something in common to all Adagio teas?

Postby teaisme » Nov 6th, '09, 17:06

from my limited experience with adagio oolongs, I can agree with you on many points you listed.
I just had the chance to try 7 of their oolongs from the oolong box pass. I've only tried 3.
In general they were suspicious to me because they all smelled very very similar. They put off a very strong aroma when brewed, taste sweet, but of the 3 I tried they did not go down well. Very drying, limited aftereffects/tastes, and no real complexity (esp alishan). Just in general they didn't taste like what I had come to expect those particular oolongs to taste like. The difference between their oolong compared to locally bought Taiwanese low low price oolong is staggering.
I tried western brewing too and that just made it worse.
Im sorry to diss adagio because they have this wonderful site, but really now, where do you source your oolongs from? I've drunk many different alishans before from very very low grade to very high grade and yours im sorry to say is at the very very bottom :(

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Re: Is there something in common to all Adagio teas?

Postby Chip » Nov 6th, '09, 19:08

Remember, I have no affiliation with Adagio, I was elected by the forum's membership.

Unfortunately, I have not had this year's Ali Shan. But I had 3 tins from last year, found it to be very approachable, enjoyable, and easy going Taiwanese oolong. I actually shared it with a bunch of locals fairly new to tea albeit, but they all enjoyed it quite a bit.

I still have some and would not mind comparing it to this year's.

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Re: Is there something in common to all Adagio teas?

Postby teacast » Jan 13th, '10, 01:41

I too have noticed this, but I never thought much about it until night. Perhaps Adagio only picks aromatic teas to appeal to a certain audience?

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Re: Is there something in common to all Adagio teas?

Postby myemmie » Feb 26th, '10, 00:54

Of the teas I've sampled + review of feedback of ones I was curious about, I'd begun to suspect something similar. Very strong aromatics without a lot of flavor to back it up...the blacks/flavored in particular seem to trend in this direction. I'm certainly not complaining, as everything I've picked up sofar have been very enjoyable - even if it wasn't in quite the way I was expecting.

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