What is the next tea I should try?

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What is the next tea I should try?

Postby Sententia » Jan 18th, '10, 07:23

I will be going to the tea store, and am wondering what should I get ? I'm getting more Yerba Mate, but I need 2 more tea's so help me decide !

I'm thinking of getting a white tea.. because my friend told me it's the best tea for him, and I never tried it.. and I'm going to get another green tea but what region should I try ? I'm thinking maybe Japanese, but gimme some good ideas thanks :-)
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Re: What is the next tea I should try?

Postby debunix » Jan 18th, '10, 12:14

I remember Morning Thunder, a mate-tea mix from Celestial Seasonings, being very earthy and dark; you might try a ripe aka cooked aka shu puerh, to enjoy more of that earthy flavor. The ripe pu is cheaper and less demanding to prepare than a raw or sheng pu. Also, a nice traditional dark roasted oolong tea--a Ti Kuan Yin or Wuyi--would also have some of that dark toastiness.

As for green teas, they're so varied that it's hard to know what to suggest. What do you like best about the green tea you've already had? nuttiness? sweetness? a fresh grassy 'vegetable' taste? You might want to discuss that with the tea seller, or head over to the green tea forum for more suggestions.
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