Looking for quality, affordable single estate black tea?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Looking for quality, affordable single estate black tea?

Postby Space Samurai » Jan 29th, '07, 01:47

I got to talking about this on another thread, and wanted to post it for everyone to see. What can I say, I love tea, so I love people who are passionate about their tea.

If you are just beginning to discover black tea, or if you are a veteran connoisseur looking for good prices, I reccomend checking out this site.


The company is owned by Anupa Mueler, the sister in law to Rhaja Banerjee, the owner of the Makaibari estate in India. She offers a variety of single estate teas from all over the world at good prices, moderate shipping, and fast friendly service.

So if you're just looking for a cheaper, quality darjeeling, or if you're new and like to taste the difference between ceylon, assam, and, well, whatever, check it out.

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Postby Mary R » Jan 29th, '07, 11:36

Mmmm, thanks for the link! It looks like a great site with great product, and I'm definitely adding them to my "Companies to Order From" list.

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