Yogi Triple Enchinacea question and review

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Yogi Triple Enchinacea question and review

Postby Sententia » Feb 1st, '10, 17:39

This is my first time trying the tea, It smells very minty.. the color is a brownish dark green.

Ingredients- Organic Green leaf, lemongrass, spearment leaf (sticks out the most in smell) orange flavor, tangerine flavor, echinacea root, extract, licorice flavor, and European elderberry extract with kombucha.

Further Information- The tea says it's a product of the Golden Temple of Oregon, Inc. then it says "Product of the U.S.A" -- does this mean it's made in the USA ? Could someone please clarify the tea's origins? That would be great :)

The Review- My first sip the spearmint really stood out, more so than the actual green tea leafs. As I continued it tastes good, but doesn't feel like a traditional tea .. I'm feeling the caffeine.. It's got a tranquil feel to it, an acceptance. The first thing that comes to mind is not something I can adequately describe, but it's refreshing. Although the more I drink this tea, the more it feels like a herbal tea I feel more at ease. My muscles feel more relaxed when I first started, and my nerves are less prevalent like an easy feeling. It says that this tea is good for yoga and I haveto agree. My senses are more in-depth, while I'm more relaxed as a whole. With that being said I would rate Yogi Tea Green Tea Triple Echinacea 4 out of 5 stars.

My Question- The exact origins of this tea... Is it really American ? What plantation is it grown on.. and does it classify more as an Herbal tea, or a Green tea.

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Re: Yogi Triple Enchinacea question and review

Postby edkrueger » Feb 1st, '10, 23:53

I would call this a flavored tea.

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Re: Yogi Triple Enchinacea question and review

Postby Chip » Feb 2nd, '10, 00:26

Hmmm, says "green leaf" and what is that anyway? Could be a typo for green tea leaf ... but yeah, moving this to the appropriate forum.

A shadow will be left for a day or so, so the OP can find it.

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Re: Yogi Triple Enchinacea question and review

Postby givequicheachance » Feb 5th, '10, 15:46


Maybe it's made out of birds. In that case, perhaps tasting only the spearmint is for the best.

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Re: Yogi Triple Enchinacea question and review

Postby silverneedles » Feb 5th, '10, 16:22

Sententia wrote:says it's a product of the Golden Temple of Oregon, Inc. then it says "Product of the U.S.A"

calling out to the resident Yogi tea reps,
oh nobody
well, try emailing the company.

just because the bizness name is Yogi dont mean its made for using during/after Yoga
echinacea is snake oiled for "boosting" the immune system
most likely they use some cheap china green (as using USA organic tea would cut into profits), which you cant taste because all the other flavors are covering up the cheapness.

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Re: Yogi Triple Enchinacea question and review

Postby Rainy-Day » Feb 10th, '10, 07:45

The guy who started the company was, iirc, a fairly well regarded yogi. He had one original spice mix (without any tea) that he used for himself. I was trying to track down his original mix in bulk at one point, it's still sold somewhere on the net. Some of the other flavours are pretty good too, better than similar teas sold widely. They're expensive but trader joe's has them at a reasonable price (but selection is not very good).

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