What to mix with Chamomile

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What to mix with Chamomile

Postby unklelemmy » Aug 8th, '06, 16:34

I just got some chamomile and I've realised that the taste of chamomile is too much on its own. However I do like the relaxing effect it has so I dont want to get rid of it. I was wondering what would be good to mix with it.

Any sugegstions?
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Postby klemptor » Aug 8th, '06, 17:20

Mixing it with a silver needle would add only minimal caffeine and would probably taste great.
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Postby unklelemmy » Aug 8th, '06, 17:30

klemptor wrote:Mixing it with a silver needle would add only minimal caffeine and would probably taste great.

I definately want somethign with no or very little caffeine since this is goign to be my "bedtime" tea. I may have to try that.
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Postby Carnelian » Aug 8th, '06, 18:12

I mix chamomile with mint, I use spearmint. And if you have rooibos you can mix your own foxtrot blend with chamomile mint and rooibos.
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Postby jogrebe » Aug 8th, '06, 18:47

I've found that both peppermint and spearmint work well but for mint I prefer the spearmint. Another popular choice that I think works even better is lemongrass.
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Postby keelyn » Aug 8th, '06, 21:53

Adding hibiscus can give it a fruity kick. It could also be combined with some of the mixes already mentioned to make a chamomile/hibiscus/mint (or lemongrass) tea or a chamomile/hibiscus/roobios.

hmmm, that sounds so good, I wish I had the raw materials to make those blends...
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Postby PlantFan » Aug 9th, '06, 13:21

Chamomile seems to me to be pretty mild and could blend well with just about anything. I like it on its own but i also like adding honey. That may help to tone it down a little, if you like honey.
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Postby Madam Potts » Aug 10th, '06, 14:30

I too found that the taste of straight Chamomile wasn't to my liking. I agree with the mint, rooibos, hibiscus recommendations. I have also found lemon balm and lavender with chamomile to be nice.
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Madam Potts
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Postby LooseTea » Oct 27th, '06, 11:54

i mix a great tea!
*linden flower
*and hibiscus
It makes me fall asleep really fast! :D
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Postby Cinnamon » Oct 28th, '06, 10:03

I picked up some peppermint (I prefer it over spearmint) and lemongrass and blend both with my chamomile.

It makes a very lovely brew that has me nodding off in no time.

The lavender sounds very nice. I may have to give that a try some time.

~Cinnamon sweet
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Postby stugel » Feb 4th, '07, 20:54

My preference is a half gram or so of spearmint and lemongrass each. Some people prefer peppermint but not me.

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Postby Mary R » Feb 4th, '07, 23:40

Rooibos+chamomile+lavender=one sleepy Mary.

I've also had a mix with chamomile, rosebuds, and dried apple bits I found very tasty.
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Mary R
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Have you tried Vinegar?

Postby Cham444 » Dec 24th, '07, 00:52

I know it sounds wierd. Ok...Really wierd but you can dress your salad with it. I have tried this recipe and its good. It is a chamomile dressing and its pretty yummy.
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