Chipped tea spout...

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...on a Jenaer pot (story following. What do I do?

Keep the pot and still use it, it's Jenaer after all!
Keep the pot, but don't use it for tea.
Toss or recycle the pot.
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Chipped tea spout...

Postby teamuse » Feb 8th, '07, 12:09

One of our Jenaer Mikado pots got knocked off of the bar and onto the counter a few months ago. It stayed intact by some miracle except for chipping the very end of the spout off (the part that would keep it from dripping). We didn't even realize that the chip had happened until we were getting ready to use it the next day.

I have other pots that I'm using and there is a moratorium on buying new pots until after we move.
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