RoT Hibiscus Tea

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RoT Hibiscus Tea

Postby Victoria » Feb 24th, '10, 12:28

I have been interested in trying Hibiscus tea, but have not had the opportunity. I see now that Republic of Tea has launched a line of Hibiscus teas. I hope I get a freebie in my junk mail instead of the stuff I don't want to try for a change. I would really like to find something to drink at night that resembles tea. Specifically the natural flavor one. Even though they are liberally using the word "fruity".

And then of course this quote scares me: "For an interesting experience, try one of these teas over ice."

So maybe not. ... dium=email

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Re: RoT Hibiscus Tea

Postby entropyembrace » Feb 24th, '10, 15:46

Hibiscus iced tea is a traditional drink in Mexico called Agua de Jamaica it´s a bright red infusion that they lightly sweeten to bring out a bit of fruityness without completely burying the astringency of the hibuscus. The fruityness isn´t´s more like what you would call fruity in a cup of unflavoured tea. I really enjoy it and it´s what I tend to order in restaurants to drink when I´m visiting my gf and her mom in Mexico. It would probably be delicious hot and unsweetended too...and that astringency with a touch of fruityness really appeals to me as a tea drinker.

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Re: RoT Hibiscus Tea

Postby myemmie » Feb 26th, '10, 01:33

I do like Hibiscus, and I'm not particularly fond of fruity/herbals as a general rule. It can be oversweet, depending on who serves it, so getting a bit of original material for you to tinker with on your own will probably be your best bet. I find it not so much "fruity" as in resembling a particular fruit, but it is very bright. I think of it more as a refresher, like lemonade in the summer, versus something I would cozy up to at night. In some grocers I have seen Hibiscus/Jamaica drinks like sodas and that ilk, so you may be able to find something that would give you a better idea if those samples don't make it to ya. :D

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Re: RoT Hibiscus Tea

Postby entropyembrace » Feb 26th, '10, 02:06

myemmie is´s more of a refreshing thing like lemonade...was great to get me going in the morning with breakfast or to perk me up after a lot of takes a LOT of walking to get anywhere in Mexico City.

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Re: RoT Hibiscus Tea

Postby msmeghann82 » Mar 4th, '10, 21:20

I agree with Hibiscus tea being a good refresher. I love it iced and mixed with a bit of lemonade on a hot summer day. Too bad summer feels so far away right now!

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