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Postby cls46 » Feb 26th, '10, 10:06

Well I guess if everyone's doing it....I made a blend a few days ago called Shenanigans. It is Rum, Cream, (I know these two are kind of stereotypical for a St. Patrick's day blend) and Peppermint. I am really excited about this blend I think cream and rum are a really great combination and I think cream and peppermint are awesome together, and I mean who hasn't had a mojito? Peppermint and rum. yummy! So anyway try it out :D. If someone does be sure to tell me how you like it.
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Re: Shenanigans

Postby myemmie » Feb 26th, '10, 13:47

Yeah, my arm's still sore from the twisting, too. :)

Your blend sounds great, can't wait to see what turns up on the broadcast!
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