Getting into the tea business

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Getting into the tea business

Postby Charles » Feb 28th, '10, 17:35

I've written an article on how I got started in the tea business and how others can get also get paid for doing what they love. (

I know a lot of people in the tea business are reading TeaRetailer, including some of Adagio's largest competitors. Anyone care to offer the story of how they got started in the tea business? :)
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Re: Getting into the tea business

Postby xine » Mar 2nd, '10, 13:31

Great article, Charles! Very interesting to learn about how you got into the crazy tea world. Will be a great source to link to customers and people looking to get into the tea business.

My entrance was a lucky ad. :)
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Re: Getting into the tea business

Postby gingkoseto » Mar 3rd, '10, 22:36

When I was little, I thought when grown up, I wanted to be an ice-cream seller and hence the happiest person in the world :wink: Now I've grown up, and think selling tea is a more lofty job :D
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