teadrinker looking for Tea Garden 4party

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teadrinker looking for Tea Garden 4party

Postby LindaPettit » Mar 2nd, '10, 15:09

I am in Maryland. I am looking for a tea room that features tea service in an exceptionally beautiful tea garden. PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES. I want todo a Red hat party in May or June 2010.

contact [member via PM]

So many of the tearooms listed in my area on teamaps don't have a website or at least a few pictures. I just will not take the time to visit when their are others that do have pictures and a website.

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Thanks and good luck,
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Re: teadrinker looking for Tea Garden 4party

Postby xine » Mar 4th, '10, 14:12

Hi Linda!

Have you checked out our sister/satellite site- TeaMap.com? You can punch in your zip code and see what tea rooms are in the area.


Hope this helps your search!

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