8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

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8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

Postby MJBearOh » Feb 11th, '10, 21:37

I may have missed this in my search for an answer, but is there any indication when (or if) the 8oz size of certain teas will be available again?

I've been wanting to order more Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey, but the 16 oz size is too much tea and I'm worried about it going bad before I can use it all.

Any info appreciated!
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Re: 8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

Postby bsteele » Feb 11th, '10, 21:58

I don't think they ever say when a certain size will be back in stock, unfortunately. They only seem to give estimates when a tea is completely out of stock.

I'd imagine the most reliable answer would come straight from Adagio, so maybe try to contact them here: http://www.adagio.com/pages/email.html? ... cc3774c941

...unless someone has an actual email address.

Also, not sure how fast you go through tea, but the black tea should be good for a year or so.

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Re: 8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

Postby kthayer » Feb 23rd, '10, 17:16

Also, just fyi. . . Adagio is transitioning over to bags instead of tins, so I think maybe when they're out of the tins it's taking longer to refill.
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Re: 8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

Postby xine » Mar 4th, '10, 14:34

We are transitioning to resealable bags, and away from tins in the upcoming months. We have discontinued this particular large tin size though, since our manufacturer has stopped making this size. Sorry for the inconvenience!!
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Re: 8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

Postby Ed » Mar 7th, '10, 13:41

Brilliant idea on Adagio's part. :D
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Re: 8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

Postby omegapd » Mar 8th, '10, 06:31

Nuts...I loved the tins, myself.
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Re: 8 oz Sizes of Black Teas?

Postby Capella » Mar 17th, '10, 11:51

Currently there's only 4oz and 16oz sizes of the bags listed in ANY kind of tea. What if you want more than 4 but less than 16? I could just order 2 4s, but that costs more than the old 8oz option used to. Is there any way we could get back an intermediate size option?
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