How do you make tea

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How do you make tea.

Give me gadgets.
I just need a teabag and a mircrowave.
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How do you make tea

Postby Space Samurai » Mar 7th, '07, 01:26

This is a continuation of a previous post, "Why do you drink tea."

For me, making tea is all part of the expereince. I adore all of my tea pots. Instead of buying an electric kettle, I bought a tetsuki samashi to cool the water. I want to be involved.

So I am curious what others think. Are you like me, is it all about the gong fu, or do you prefer electric tea kettles and what not.

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Postby Mary R » Mar 7th, '07, 11:11

Meh...if I'm doing a tasting session, I DO use a sort of quasi-gong fu method. But regular daily brewing? I use a cup and an infuser basket...or a teapot if I'm doing blacks.

And I'd be a lost puppy without my electric kettle.

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Postby Carnelian » Mar 7th, '07, 18:30

I voted traditional because I use english style teapots and stovetop kettles, but I still love my ingenuitea so there is a little gadget geek in me.

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Postby scruffmcgruff » Mar 7th, '07, 19:52

Well, I guess I use a bit of a hybrid traditional/gadgetry method. I use an electric kettle, a digital timer, and a digital thermometer, but I shy away from scales and measuring cups. I also use pots, not auto-infusers.

I guess I'm more of a techie, but I like to think I'm at least a little traditional. :)

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Postby EvenOdd » Mar 13th, '07, 04:53

In the morning I make black tea (red tea) with an English teapot, teaspoon for leaf retrieval, my microwave for timing, an electric kettle, and wait for it to go "rumble rumble" for me to start infusing.

In the afternoons/evenings it's stovetop kettle, gaiwan, pitcher, cup, tray, and eyeballing the amount of tea poured from its container into the gaiwan, and supernatural guesstimation powers for timing.

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Postby Jacqcat » Mar 13th, '07, 18:00

I'm only new to it all but I have a mug and infuser at home and an ingenuiTEA at work - and of course an electric kettle in both places.

I prefer the ingenuiTEA because I find I end up trying different combos for how they will look when steeping!

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