Hello. I'm new

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Hello. I'm new

Postby DanielleMHV » Apr 12th, '07, 17:29

Hello. I've been browsing this website for a little while now and learned SO MUCH!! I've been drinking tea pretty much my whole life but just recently learned that there was a whole world beyond Salada and the Walmart coffee isle. Sad, I know. I just did a search one day for "the best tea in the world" haha and What I discovered was Mariage Freres. I was amazed with there stuff and the reviews and If my brand new checking account wasn't still pending I would have spent all my money right there and then. I never knew that there was tea out there that didn't look like black dust. Then I was searching for tea recipes, I'm a cake artist and wanted to start flavoring my cakes and experimenting with higher quality teas. I came across teachef which led me to tea chat which lead me to Adagio and Yixing and OMG I just don't have enough money to fuel my budding addiction. I just wanted to introduce myself...

My names Danielle
I'm 20 years old
I live in PA

& Frontz (BF)

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Postby xine » Apr 12th, '07, 17:53

Welcome, welcome!!!

I'm Christine, the Adagio admin. If you have any questions/concerns feel free to PM me on the boards- have fun!


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Postby Space Samurai » Apr 12th, '07, 17:55


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Postby tomasini » Apr 12th, '07, 19:58

Well hallo! I'm realtivly new too.
And yes, tea is a delicious and suprisingly expensive hobby at times :-) but worth it :D

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