Who here is ready to ban Tomasini's IP?

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Who here is ready to ban Tomasini's IP?

Postby Mary R » Apr 26th, '07, 13:17

You may not know this, but our Tomasini has himself a complex. He thinks we hate him. Just look at what he wrote earlier today:

Tomasini wrote:(12:14 from TeaChat) i was thinkin..i make really ridiculous posts...and im wondering if it annoys the serious tea heads on these forums...
(12:16 from TeaChat) lol, ok...im waitin for the topic to get started called "Who here is ready to ban Tomasini's IP?
(12:17 from TeaChat) he made his last tea song parody, we warned him, but Bringin Green Tea back was the straw that broke the camels hump

Oh, Tomasini...silly fellow. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I've really enjoyed your posts! The 'post pictures of your teaware' thread was fantastic--just look how many people got involved--and I thought your song parody was cute! It was dorky, yes, but it was very cute and surprisingly well adapted to that god-awful song.

I'm down with the antics. More antics, says I.
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Mary R
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Postby tomasini » Apr 26th, '07, 14:08

:shock: :D :o :lol:
I think i died laughing and turned ridiculously red when i saw that topic =]
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Postby xine » Apr 26th, '07, 15:06

I would never ban yr IP! :)
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Postby Salsero » Apr 26th, '07, 15:22

Let Tomasini live! I love the teawares post, and a breath of fresh air is always welcome.

Besides, if he makes a false step, we can always execute him later!
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Postby Space Samurai » Apr 26th, '07, 16:43

I have enjoyed his contributions.
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Postby Chip » Apr 26th, '07, 21:28

"The 'serious tea heads' will tolerate his presence until the CommitTEA meets again in the TEAcave."

Well, that is what they told me anyway.
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