New Yunnan Gold

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

New Yunnan Gold

Postby chittychat » May 20th, '10, 03:09

I got my first 2010 Yunnan Golden Bud A Black tea and it is out of this world. In previous years it has been always out-of-stock so this year I watched-out and got my share. Apparently less than 2,000 kg of this particular tea are produced annually. I had only one go this morning and I think I can improve yet steeping etc. To see the infused tea leaves is a sight, they are really fat. Only fat fine buds of spring first crop are plucked to produce this Golden Bud A. Attractive golden buds without a black leaf in sight. :D :D :D

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Re: New Yunnan Gold

Postby shah82 » May 20th, '10, 09:25

My batch of yunnan gold, I didn't like too much because it was too much like a mushroom caramel white tea. A few months past and after a wee bit of air oxidation, I like it quite a bit more...

So watch your containers to ensure that it stays the way you like it, or drink it up quickly!

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