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Postby brose » May 26th, '10, 23:18


I am attempting to potentially start a blog that focuses on new tea research that is mainly chemistry oriented with some biological stuff as well. Please check it out and let me know if there is any interest to keep it going since it takes some time to get the articles together.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated

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Re: Tea Research Blog

Postby rabbit » May 27th, '10, 08:50

Wow! That is awesome... there need to be more chemists in the tea field :)

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Re: Tea Research Blog

Postby nonc_ron » May 28th, '10, 12:23

brose wrote:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Hi Nice Blog,
We need to know whats happening in tea research.
I personally don't like black backgrounds, but that's just me. :D

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Re: Tea Research Blog

Postby ABx » Jun 1st, '10, 23:46

I think it's great :) I just think that you should think about your target audience and what you want to get across. I suspect that you would get a lot more visitors if you can help focus things and bring it down to a less technical level. As an example you could pick a topic such as a particular health benefit, provide several links, and write a little bit about it. After all, what makes a new study interesting is how it adds to an existing body of knowledge :)

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Re: Tea Research Blog

Postby Cael » Jun 3rd, '10, 15:36

It looks like it will be really good for those in your specific nitch. I don't know how big that nitch really is, but it might end up being a good idea. If you end up finding that you want to expand your nitch you might want to do something along the lines of taking scientific articles on tea and explaining them in terms that everyone can understand.

I have to agree, I don't like he black background. It is kind of hard to read.

Those are my thoughts.

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