Teaware Product Review Intro and Guidelines

Member reiviews of teaware related products.

Teaware Product Review Intro and Guidelines

Postby Chip » May 29th, '10, 16:50

Welcome to the Official Product Review Forum.

Here members of TeaChat can post teaware related product reviews for teaware related products they purchased or own.

Please follow the simple format below for your topic subject! This way everyone can easily see what you are reviewing and who the reviewer is. Product Name, User Name (member name). That is it, simple! :mrgreen:

So, if you want to review a product, create a new topic. Of course, reviewing member should have no affiliation with the product being reviewed. If the poster received the product or other compensation from an affiliated company in return for reviews, etc, that should be stated in the topic.

Reviewer should be a member of the forum for at least 30 days, actively posting during that time.

Of course, this is a forum and discussion is to be expected. :idea:

Moderators may move or remove topics pending review at their sole discretion at any time.
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