Hi, I'm the new CS rep for Adagio

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Re: Hi, I'm the new CS rep for Adagio

Postby Mrs. Chip » Jun 7th, '10, 09:48

Welcome to TeaChat and Adagio Mikael!

Sorry for the late greeting, however I rarely get to use the home computer since it is generally in use by the 'computer hog' ... known around here as Chip! :D

Normally I will use the work computer on my break, as it is not feasible to be on the computer all day on TC while working, don't think my boss would appreciate that! :shock:

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum and possibly sharing some of your 'TeaExperiences' with us.
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Mrs. Chip
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Re: Hi, I'm the new CS rep for Adagio

Postby Mikael » Jun 8th, '10, 11:34

Thanks Mrs Chip! :)
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