Web Reporting Issue

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Web Reporting Issue

Postby Icculus » Jun 12th, '10, 15:26

I placed an order more than a week ago and it is still shows on the website "Your order has been assembled and is waiting to be shipped"

A few days ago i sent an email using the online webform asking to either ship my order or cancel it and refund my credit card.. I consider it terrible customer server to not have a phone number anywhere to deal with issues like this.


I recieved the tea today and apparently the issue was just with the website reporting the order had not been shipped yet.
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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Postby Chip » Jun 12th, '10, 15:41

Hi, welcome to TeaChat. I suspect a glitch in the system. I have contacted several people at Adagio.

Good luck!

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Postby Mikael » Jun 12th, '10, 16:42

Wow. Im really sorry about that. We very rarely, if ever, have such issues with our system. Must be a glitch. :x And we usually respond right away to customer service emails. So I really apologize for that..

I looked up your order and I think the problem is that the California warehouse is missing an item. I could be wrong.. but I emailed the warehouse manager, so we should have everything fixed pronto... Shipped monday hopefully. Sorry again.

Once you get your tea, let us know if you like it and we'll send you a gift certificate. I hope you don't let this situation stop you from shopping with us again.

Update: Spoke with the California warehouse manager and your order was indeed shipped last week, but a computer glitch never updated it in our system. :| You should have your tea very soon!
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Re: Web Reporting Issue

Postby Icculus » Jun 12th, '10, 20:26

the issue is resolved, thanks for the quick replies. apparently it was just a website mistake showing the order hadnt been shipped.
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