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Looking for an article

Postby rofl88 » May 28th, '07, 13:25

I am curious about which teas are taken with milk and which teas are taken with lemon. Are there any articles anyone know about?

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Postby Space Samurai » May 28th, '07, 17:52

I would say that ultimately it is a matter of taste. If you like milk with your green tea then have at, jus know that you're weird. :shock:

That being said, here are some general guidelines.

1) Don't put both milk and lemon in your tea.
2) Lemon will go with just about any tea. While I think that it would overpower a nice sencha or a white tea, it won't hurt it.
3) Use Milk just with black teas. I'd avoid using it in a first flush darjeeling, and It will probably taste best in something malty like an assam or a dian hong, while lemon might taste better in a lighter black tea like ceylon.

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Less healthy

Postby Trey Winston » Oct 13th, '07, 10:21

If you drink tea mainly for the health benefits, pouring milk in it may not be a good idea. Apparently, the caseins in dairy products will bind the antioxidants and make them ineffective.

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Postby Wesli » Oct 13th, '07, 13:58

I'm just glad you didn't ask about sugar...

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Postby skywarrior » Oct 14th, '07, 01:01

FataliTEA wrote:I'm just glad you didn't ask about sugar...

What's wrong with sugar?

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