Adagio's plant a tree

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Adagio's plant a tree

Postby plant partaker » Jun 16th, '10, 15:11

I wasn't sure where to post this. I have contacted Adagio via face book and email in regards to the plant a tree. I am not sure how many TC ers saw the plant a tree. I was hoping I could get some more information from some one who has already inquired about this. All I was told through face book was they were working on something cool. Any information would be great thanks.

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Re: Adagio's plant a tree

Postby Chip » Jun 16th, '10, 15:29

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Re: Adagio's plant a tree

Postby Mikael » Jun 16th, '10, 17:37

Some people have asked me for an update about this.... once I get the info from Ilya I'll post it here.

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Re: Adagio's plant a tree

Postby Victoria » Jun 16th, '10, 18:18

Good, because they need watering!!
:shock: :)

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Re: Adagio's plant a tree

Postby LauraW » Jun 17th, '10, 00:05

Victoria wrote:Good, because they need watering!!
:shock: :)

I was just thinking the same thing - I looked at the email today (was cleaning out the inbox) and saw that it's been a while since I got the "Your tree has sprouted!" email...

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