Longing for Longevity Brows

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Longing for Longevity Brows

Postby TEAcher1111 » Jun 17th, '10, 22:06

This Year was not the best year for tea in China. Due to climate change, a frost came during the peek plucking time of this years spring harvest, and killed a lot of the young buds. Our famous White Peony Longevity Brows has been missed more than ever. The farmers use not only the buds from the Large White Varietal, but they also use the first two leaves. This gives the White Peony a full bodied flavor, with hints of mellon and a fragrance which fills the senses. Showing up to work on my day off is not my favorite thing to do, but when i saw the White Peony on the shelf, i was happy i came in. I am pleased to report it is a good as ever, and i am really happy with all the infusions i am getting out of this special whit tea.
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Re: Longing for Longevity Brows

Postby Victoria » Jun 17th, '10, 22:31

White Peony is my favorite among whites.
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Re: Longing for Longevity Brows

Postby DewDropofJade » Jun 17th, '10, 23:36

Very nice.
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Re: Longing for Longevity Brows

Postby Chip » Jun 18th, '10, 00:00

DewDropofJade wrote:Very nice.

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