Earth Day Promotion at Adagio Teas

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Re: Earth Day Promotion at Adagio Teas

Postby myemmie » Jul 2nd, '10, 19:03

They're gettin' so big. :)

"Just a quick update from us about your freshly planted Camellias. They have officially graduated from the indoor nursery garden and have now joined the outdoor 'grown up' garden. As evident from the photos, the trees are coming in very nicely thanks to the great weather that the region has been having.

Friends and family feeling left out? Don't worry, soon you'll be able to share your tree. More info coming next week. "

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Re: Earth Day Promotion at Adagio Teas

Postby Victoria » Jul 2nd, '10, 19:42

**Morgana** wrote:Hmm. I am seeing my plant on the field, but never got email saying it sprouted. Did it die in infancy? I sent email yesterday to customer service to inquire but haven't received a reply. Anyone else have this happen? I know my email address was typed correctly because I can see the greyed-out ghost of it in the sign up page.

Don't worry, I believe this is pretty much semi-virtual.
Yours is fine. I got my letter today.

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Re: Earth Day Promotion at Adagio Teas

Postby marz910 » May 3rd, '12, 21:25

I have a tea tree and was wondering if there will be any updates on it. Also how do I get a link so people can get a branch on my tree?

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Re: Earth Day Promotion at Adagio Teas

Postby Kimberly@Adagio » Jul 1st, '16, 11:07

All of the plants are almost ready! China was harvested and already was sent out, and Taiwan and India will be ready next spring!

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