looking for a tea buddy

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looking for a tea buddy

Postby Bryan_drinks_te... » Jul 3rd, '10, 17:24

hello all,

I've been seriously involved in tea drinking and reviewing for three years now, and I've decided that it could be a good idea to find a tea friend to share reviews and teas and whatnot. I live in the deep south, and the amount of people who take chinese and japanese teas seriously is quite low. I'm 6 months out of college with a job, and I mostly drink sheng pu-erh, yancha and japanese greens. If you are interested, please message me or something to that effect.


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Re: looking for a tea buddy

Postby Mikael » Jul 6th, '10, 13:59

Hey Bryan,

Man, I love both Pu Erh and Japanese greens. Hang around the forum and let's share tea stories! Post a thread about any topic you're interested in. Looking forward to chatting with ya.
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Re: looking for a tea buddy

Postby chef07172 » Jul 14th, '10, 22:03

I am also looking for pretty much the same thing, however I mostly enjoy oolongs. I am not experienced in pu erh but love oolongs,darjeelings, and greens. I am in Texas currently.
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Re: looking for a tea buddy

Postby Dresden » Jul 17th, '10, 01:05

What part of the south you in?
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