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Postby bagua7 » Aug 30th, '10, 00:23

OK let's discuss a bit about this fascinating tea. It's one of my favourites but the sample I had the other day, purchased at a local store, wasn't that great after the second brew. I would categorise it as a general Keemun as I am after better quality.

Produced in Qimen County and the neighboring areas close to Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province, China, Keemun black tea is one of China's finest teas. It produces a complex, subtle, mellow flavour which varies from orchid to chocolate, depending on the variety and processing method, and the so-called Chinese tea sweetness.

Let's discuss varieties and the best online suppliers of this great tea. if you are lucky to live in China, then no need to worry about this stuff. :lol:

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Re: Keemun

Postby NOESIS » Aug 30th, '10, 17:58

One of my favorite red teas, but finding a great one can be difficult. I had a Mao Feng from Jing (UK) earlier this year that was fantastic. Lightly smokey with loads of up-front fruit and dried cocoa notes with a long, sweet finish. I've also had good luck in the past with the Hao Ya from Jing Tea Shop. A little smokier and not quite as sweet as the Mao Feng. ... g-hong-cha

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Re: Keemun

Postby Chip » Aug 30th, '10, 19:35

Keemun was my breakthrough tea as I recall. And it has been my fave black since then.

Unfortunately the name can mean a style it seems, much like Dong Ding is not always from that mountain but denotes a style. So many so called Keemun are not from any where near Qimen.

The search for a good Keemun can be frustrating as it is quite variable from year to year. A way around this, if you find a good one, you can buy a larger amount of it as it ages pretty well, I have some from 2005 that are better today than they were when bought.

Also there are good and not so good Keemun, so do not expect the 4$ per 4 ounces Keemun to bring you the same satisfaction as one costing 3, 4, 5 X as much.

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Re: Keemun

Postby bagua7 » Aug 30th, '10, 21:09

Yeh, can't wait to have the Mao Feng variety. I had a Hao Ya sample last week and it was very nice, a bit smokey though. However a friend of mine told me it was still a general tea; nothing to be compared to the gourmet style quality Keemun is renowned for.

Jing Tea Shop had Keemun tea available but all their different offerings are sold out.

I will try Jing's tea instead.

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Re: Keemun

Postby Nenugal » Aug 30th, '10, 22:32

My first and only Keemun so far is a Keemun Mao Feng from TeaSpring, and that one is really good.

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Re: Keemun

Postby wolfrb » Aug 31st, '10, 09:49

This isn't their top grade but still really nice.
and cheap

for the money this can't be beat as well when in stock

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Re: Keemun

Postby bagua7 » Aug 31st, '10, 20:32

I am looking at JTS's Keemun offers:

1. Pre-Ming Keemun Hao Ya

is it nice?

2. Gift Grade Keemun Gong Fu

Sold out. Surely it's nice. :lol:

I guess I have to wait until the bring some more in, but I could try some of their Hao ya in the meantime.

Note: I love keemun with a hint of cocoa flavour. Yum!

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Re: Keemun

Postby spot52 » Sep 7th, '10, 20:31

My observation on Keemun choice is,
a higher price does not always equate a good taste. Sometimes prices are just high and other times it is due to rarity. It has been an economic learning curve for me. There are a lot of variable I consider when buying a Keemun. I usually pay attention to seller reputation, tea drinker advice, price, previous experience, and probably more. Ok, I have lost my focus.

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Re: Keemun

Postby teaisme » Sep 8th, '10, 17:16

wolfrb wrote:This isn't their top grade but still really nice.
and cheap

agreed, gongfu's in a small yinxing rather well
have brewed it a few times in porcelain too but it seemed slightly muted when I did

Good tea for black tea blending too.

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Re: Keemun

Postby mbanu » Oct 17th, '10, 02:51

Any suggested tasting notes for identifying a Keemun? Say, compared with an Assam?

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Re: Keemun

Postby Kerry » Oct 27th, '10, 17:02

Does anyone like Adagio's English Breakfast tea besides me? It has become my overwhelming favorite in the mornings, but Adagio is out of stock. If anyone has tried any of Adagio's Keemun teas as well as their English Breakfast, can you tell me which is the closest in flavor.

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