Back from Portland

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Back from Portland

Postby mbishop » Aug 31st, '10, 20:26

I'm back from my Portland adventure. Have to say I was disappointed in Tao of Tea. We went to the one on Belmont, and waited 5 minutes before ordering, and then at least 15 before getting our tea, which I found wasn't that great. We waited another 15 minutes and they never did bring the check, we had to go ask for it.

But, at the Japanese Garden (which is amazing), there was teaware on display/for sale by teaware artisans and I picked up a cup by Reid Ozaki.


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Re: Back from Portland

Postby Chip » Aug 31st, '10, 21:35

Tearific aquisition! Ahh, to live anywhere near a city like Portland ...

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Re: Back from Portland

Postby Victoria » Sep 1st, '10, 19:19

Very nice! Congrats and welcome back!

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Re: Back from Portland

Postby MadeForTeaVea » Sep 1st, '10, 22:26

Cool find! I love rustic stuff like that, where you can really tell the artist's hand in their work.

What tea are you breaking it in with?

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