Lotus Equivalent?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Lotus Equivalent?

Postby flubbie » Jul 30th, '07, 02:02

I used to be hooked on Tazo Lotus Tea but have nearly an impossible time finding it nowadays. Anyone know of a good equivalent to Lotus tea via one of the Adagio teas?


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Postby hop_goblin » Jul 30th, '07, 08:59

You know, I don't really know of an adagio that would taste like lotus, but sounds like a grad opporutnity to try others out! However, if you are really wanting Lotus tea from Tazo and you are going to order online anyhow, you might want just type Tazo Lotus Tea in a search. I just did and there are numerous vendors out there that sell it still. :)

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Postby tomasini » Jul 30th, '07, 23:38

I had made a similair post a month or so ago about this very tea =]! Saddly...i cant find a good substitute.
And i beleive they've discontinued it...i find it occasionally at Whole Foods and buy up as much as i can...i have an extra box if you want one

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Postby Space Samurai » Jul 30th, '07, 23:47

If you're interested, I can check my warehouse and see if we have any left. I'm not sure what are shipping charges are, but it is an option.

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Postby aqueoustransmegan » Aug 3rd, '07, 09:01

I used to work at a starbucks and it was one of the two teas...along with blecky awake...that folks would throw a hissy about if we ran out. I was so pissed one day I had a cup of it to see what it tasted like to see if we could some how mimic the taste. the result? green tea with a TEEENY TINY DROP of strawberry flavor tasted indistinguishable from lotus. Actually, when we used the china green tips and strawberry it tasted better.

i don't think it actually has a strawberry flavor to it but hell...it tasted pretty damn similar. I know lots of coffee and specialty gormet stores sell strawberry syrups [torani is a good brand to get] so that would be my recomendation...plus then you can use a GOOD quality green tea.

I admit though...i do love that stupid ole tazo lotus too nowadays :)

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