Adagio Tea Timer

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Adagio Tea Timer

Postby susTeanance » Apr 18th, '07, 02:47

Please, please, please! Will you make your tea timer for a Mac!?!? I had the Adagio tea timer on my old PC and loved it. I've found some other ones for macs, but none as good as yours. Help!

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Postby xine » Apr 18th, '07, 09:54

Hey there :) We are in the process of getting someone to make a Mac-friendly version of our timer, as well as revamping out PC-friendly one....keep an eye out for it!

Here at Adagio, we do all our work on Macs-I've been using the Stop It! Widget in my dashboard. You still have to punch in the minutes and what not, and it pops up with a pretty little confetti alarm when your tea is done.

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Postby TeaFanatic » Apr 18th, '07, 14:07

Alright, revamped tea timer!!!

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Tea Timer for Mac

Postby Elmak » May 21st, '07, 20:57

Well...If you supply me with a list of the teas and the right times and everything...I could make something up I'm sure.

- Brian

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Tea timer for macs?

Postby chrisTX » Aug 3rd, '07, 15:53

Are you any closer to getting a Tea Timer for mac users? It would be great to have.

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Postby scruffmcgruff » Aug 3rd, '07, 18:42

Not made by Adagio, but it's a timer and it works on OS X.

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Postby chrisTX » Aug 9th, '07, 13:28

Looks good, but I'm having trouble downloading it. I guess the server is down? I'll have to check some other time. Otherwise, maybe I'll use another one I found online though it doesn't seem to be as fancy as this one. Thanks, though. :?

ETA: Tried again later in the day and it worked! Thanks again :)

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