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Re: Traveling with tea

Postby debunix » Oct 3rd, '10, 14:01

When I have the luxury of lots of space--driving to my destination--I bring kettle, single glass teapot or porcelain gaiwan, tea thermos, and a few teas--one green, one oolong, one puerh.

When I am flying, I still do the electric kettle, pot, and thermos, if at all possible. I'd generally rather have well brewed quality tea stored in the thermos during the day than try to brew tea on the fly with teabags, whether filled at home or purchased, because the availablity of hot water and the temperature of the water and the volume of the teacups are so variable.
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Re: Traveling with tea

Postby Chip » Oct 3rd, '10, 14:08

Chip wrote:I pack a cardboard tokoname kyusu box with an old kyusu, and assorted paraphernalia. The box is perfect, holding at least 2 sample tins of tea, at least two 3 ounce Chinese cups, thermometer, etc.

Then I hope decent hot water will be available :!:

... I also take some fill ur own bags ... depends on the situation.
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Re: Traveling with tea

Postby Nenugal » Oct 3rd, '10, 15:20

I'm going for a 5 day conference, and I've packed a small water-boiler, a cheap (no real disaster if it is broken) easy-gaiwan, my favourite cup, a couple of sample bags from Adagio and some other teas that I only have small amounts of left, in small tins.
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