HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

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HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Chip » Oct 10th, '10, 18:27


Welcome everyone to Hagi SO 12 "Spirits" where you will find photos, specs, pricing, general info about this spirited SO, and of course ordering information.

This SO was created by Yamane Seigan specifically for us! It is a TeaChat exclusive that was created for this SO.

Please see the first reply to this post regarding ordering and much more info about this Hagi SO 12 "Spirit."

There are a total of 15 pieces. The size is 3.93-4.13" W x 2.75-2.93" H.




Also, as all SOs, the signed wood box includes a special designation stamp indicating the piece was made for the TC SO!

You can find all photos about this SO in my photobucket here: http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/ll60/Teamaan/TC%20SO%2012%20Seigan%20Spirit/?start=0
There are 5 images per grouping of 2. Keep this in mind as you view.

The first image of each group is NOT representative of the overall color, the images that follow are, the overall effect is lighter (like the photos in this post), clear/translucent glaze intended to show off the super oni Hagi clay (rough sand/clay).

The top is virtually clear which fades into intermittent light blue. Thus the name "Spirit."

The foot is very substantial, requested as such and modeled after SO 8 ... I love the feel of that one!

Very striking and quite a unique look in a Hagi! I call this an extreme Hagi piece. The piece is extreme in every way, extreme Oni Hagi clay/sand, extremely unique glaze designed to show off the extreme oni Hagi clay/sand, and bubbling in the glaze interior which is due to the expreme Oni Hagi clay/sand.

The cost is 50 USD plus shipping. This is a special price for members of TeaChat and I feel represents an excellent value given the extreme nature of the piece, the difficulty in producing, and its uniqueness and the extremely small run of 15 pieces.

SAL 9.75US$
EMS US 23.25US$
EMS Europe 27.50US$

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Chip » Oct 10th, '10, 18:27

ORDERING INFO and GENERAL INFO regarding Hagi SO 12 "Spirits"

Hi, me again, so you know how to order (if you participated in past offers, just humor me and let me remind you ). I did not want the simple procedure to get lost in that long rambling post. 8)

There may be a change or two this time around, so read even if you have previously participated in a HAGI SO!!!

Ordering is pretty simple. This is the way it must be done per the vendor's request. Thanks for your cooperation.

1) Pick your piece by number. Also choose at least 3 alternates in order of preference. Get this to me ASAP. This will likely sell out very quickly. Some SO's sell out in less than 30 minutes, some in a day ... !!!

If you want 2 pieces, you can order 2 but your second one will be pending satisfying others' requests for one. Include 3 or more alternates for the second selection.

Ordering is based on first come, first served. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that all members will not be successful, and be disappointed. The SO's have all sold out very quickly (except SO 9 and 11). The good news, there will be a future SO very soon!

As always, a primary criteria of this SO, the seller requires your order to be channeled through your friendly TeaChat Moderator. :mrgreen: You will interfere with the flow of the process if you attempt to contact the seller directly regarding your SO order. You will be contacted by the seller in due course, so please be patient.

2) PM me with your preorder including the item numbers, your user name, your actual name and shipping address, your paypal email, and your shipping choice.

3) I will sort things out and PM the results of your request.

If you are intending to combine your SO order with an ebay purchase from the seller Magokorodo, PM this to me at this time!!!

4) After tabulating all the orders, I will forward your order along with all the others to the vendor.

5) Member paypal payments may be handled a little differently this time around (and in the future) as we try to find more efficient ways to handle the SO payment process that will save the seller valuable time. This is critical as the strong Yen has placed pressures upon the seller.

You will be notified by me directly of possible changes and actual process. But payments will be via paypal! If you do not have a paypal account, it is easy to create one at paypal.com.

6) The seller ships items directly to you from Japan. This vendor is highly reputable and shipping from Japan is safe and easy.

7) You receive your order and enjoy for the rest of your life!!! :mrgreen:


There is a story behind many Hagi SOs. Hagi SO 12 fits right in.

It turns out that the prototype for this SO was born around a year ago, by accident, and it was a one of a kind accident. I instantly fell in love with the accident.

So, I asked Magokorodo and its creator to recreate this accident for our SO #12 ... that was 9-10 months ago. It seems that the accident was easier than the resurrection which we have aptly named "Spirit." :shock:

More to come ... :mrgreen: so do not venture to far from your 'puter! :wink:

After numerous failed attempts, this was to be the last attempt. And of 30 pieces started, the run yielded ONLY 15 incredibly successful pieces.

Yamane Seigan declared in Japanglish,
"The work of these is my limit!"
indicating how challenging this was to recreate, and he has done his very best to succeed, his limit.

In explaining the essence of what Seigan was trying to convey to me, Mago stated
"I did not ask many to him in order not to damage his pride.
SO 12 which you proposed thinks me as having been finished in interesting new works. Only TeaChat will sell these works all over the world rightly."

More to come ... :lol:

I instantly fell in love with the translucent ghost-like subtlety of the glaze combined with the extreme super oni Hagi clay (extremely rough sand/clay). It is a phenom juxtaposition!

The design and shape and foot of this SO 12 piece is an SO born original, modeled after SO #8. But SO 12 is larger and more upright in appearance, the body of the piece a bit more like a chalice, well how I envision the body of a chalice anyway (and minus the pedestal). :mrgreen:

The translucent "spirit" glaze combined with all the other elements will definitely make this Hagi a fave and a most memorable Hagi SO original limited edition run.
So, there are 15 of these, period. Except for the accidental prototype that is out there somewhere, these are the only 15 world-wide. Therefore this is an extremely small run and a very rare/limited offering.

Sunday night at 10 pm Eastern time is the designated time for this SO to go live. There will be photos of course and all the ordering info.

... more to come ... :mrgreen:

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Herb_Master » Oct 10th, '10, 22:01

PM sent :P

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Victoria » Oct 10th, '10, 22:03

I hope I made it!! Pressure!!!! ACK!!!

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Geekgirl » Oct 10th, '10, 22:03

PM sent, hope I got all the infos correct.

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby artmom » Oct 10th, '10, 22:05

PM sent. Hope you got it this time!


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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Drax » Oct 10th, '10, 22:07

Wow, very beautiful!

Lovely name, spirits... they look like they were dipped in ghostly goo! :D

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby IPT » Oct 10th, '10, 22:11

They've been slimed!

Did I make it in time Chip?

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby kymidwife » Oct 10th, '10, 22:13

I have this mental picture of him.... standing before an enormous dry-erase chalk board... filling in a complicated grid... erasing certain choices, penciling in others... watching a ticker come across with incoming PMs... hehehehehe... so exciting!

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby IPT » Oct 10th, '10, 22:16

It is exciting! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby camw » Oct 10th, '10, 22:23

They look great Chip, thanks for organising this special run.

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby debunix » Oct 10th, '10, 22:24

Drooling. Those are fabulous, gorgeous, marvelous.....sigh.....just wish they were a teeny bit smaller, and I'd want six!

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Stentor » Oct 10th, '10, 22:26

Beautiful and unique. Great job ordering/envisioning/picking these, Chip!
I sent you a PM, forgot to include my info (sorry, was too excited :) ), sent you another one, but that second one got held up a few minutes (I assume it's a spam protection thing the forum system does automatically). I hope this doesn't change anything.

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Serg » Oct 10th, '10, 22:27

Beautiful pieces! Thank you Chip for offering those cups to us all! pm sent :)

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Re: HAGI SO 12 "Spirits"

Postby Chip » Oct 10th, '10, 22:37

Whew ... might be a record, but this is a sell out! Z

PMs are a coming! :mrgreen:

Sit tight, trying to meet everyone's highest choice!

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