Teas from Canada/USA?

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Teas from Canada/USA?

Postby nichm » Oct 10th, '10, 21:19

I'm pretty sure there aren't any but does anyone know of teas that are grown in Canada or the US? I remember see a Maple herbal somewhere online but otherwise I haven't really seen anything.

Just curious! Thanks :)
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Re: Teas from Canada/USA?

Postby Victoria » Oct 10th, '10, 22:16

Well by USA, yes, in Hawaii.
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Re: Teas from Canada/USA?

Postby entropyembrace » Oct 11th, '10, 00:12

There´s limited quantities of tea grown in Hawaii and South Carolina. None in Canada that I´m aware of. There´s possibly a few areas in British Columbia where the winters are warm enough that tea could be grown but I don´t think anyone´s tried it.
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Re: Teas from Canada/USA?

Postby morningbus » Oct 11th, '10, 11:46

It depends on what you're looking for:

Herbal tea? Tons. Try labrador tea, which is native to Canada and the northern United States. There are too many to list, really.

Actual tea? I'm not sure of any grown commercially in Canada, but there are a few spots in the U.S.

1) Bigelow tea runs a farm in South Carolina under the America's Classic name (http://www.charlestonteaplantation.com/).

2) Hawaiian tea can be harder to find, as quantities can be somewhat limited. However, I know Samovar Tea sells black and oolong tea from Hawaii (http://shop.samovarlife.com/SearchResul ... rch=hawaii).

3) Lastly, and this one I just found out about the other day, there are people growing tea in Washington state. Sakuma Bros. offers green, white, and oolong teas all grown an hour away from Seattle (http://shop.sakumabros.com/tea.aspx).

I hope that helps!
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Re: Teas from Canada/USA?

Postby msurads06 » Oct 23rd, '10, 21:09

Has anyone tried any of these? I am definately interested in trying some grown in the USA teas, but at $20-25 an ounce, its a bit steep for my budget.
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