Environment affects perception of taste

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Environment affects perception of taste

Postby ABx » Nov 2nd, '10, 14:41

I came across these articles and found them very interesting. I guess there really is something to the idea of a tea master not only making good tea but also creating the right (relaxing) atmosphere!

Lighting Can Influence How Wine Tastes
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20 ... 171510.htm

Bland-tasting food? It could be the background noise
http://www.physorg.com/news/2010-10-bla ... noise.html

Of particular interest to me was the bit about music. I guess this is also why they say that it's important to enjoy tea outside in a scenic area.

Of course there are times, for me, that the tea makes the environment more enjoyable :)

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Re: Environment affects perception of taste

Postby teaisme » Nov 2nd, '10, 17:38

Cool studies.
I agree that having a nice environment for drinking tea can add to the tea. Some of the best tea I have ever brewed have been outside. On a few occasions I have even turned a not so impressive oolong into something to contemplate.

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Re: Environment affects perception of taste

Postby Herb_Master » Nov 2nd, '10, 20:04

Abx do you still make tea tasting notes that include barometric pressure, humidity and temperature at the time of the session.

and do the prevailing conditions affect your choice of tea to consume?

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Re: Environment affects perception of taste

Postby woozl » Nov 2nd, '10, 20:31

"Set and setting" :wink:

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Re: Environment affects perception of taste

Postby David R. » Nov 3rd, '10, 03:54

In France, there was this experiment including wine specialists. They were blindfolded and given white and red wine. And quite a few got it wrong ! Just try out one day, you might get surprised.

So yes, light must have an affect, as everything else do I think, especially your mood.

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Re: Environment affects perception of taste

Postby mr. Less » Nov 4th, '10, 11:58

woozl wrote:"Set and setting" :wink:

mmm perhaps a graduate at the university of leary and hoffman? :lol:

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