New to tea - PLEASE HELP!

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New to tea - PLEASE HELP!

Postby Newbie » Jul 8th, '05, 10:23

Hi there!

Although I have some experience on drinking teas for medicinal purposes (Chamomile, Hibiscus, Hops, etc.), I am a beginner to the world of teas and want to learn more on the art of tea making, tea history, storing teas, etc. I've read some your posts and feel you are all very knowledgeable and a passionate bunch. Would love some tips from you...

Any advice on a good beginner book/site for a layperson, best tea pots, and how best to start? There's so much information available, so I would greatly appreciate your help.



Postby Marlene » Jul 8th, '05, 14:22

Are you a coffee drinker? If you are, blacks are a good place to start. I think blacks are a good place to start anyway. Keemuns are good.
Or you could start with oolongs. They tend to be the most forgiving with over steeping and too hot water. I adore Ti Kuan Yin, so I'd recomend that to everyone.
For a beginner, I would most definetly recomend the IngenuiTEA. It dosen't get any easier than that.

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Postby Marlene » Aug 9th, '05, 21:58

Uh, thanks...
I do keep my teas in a cool place and in airtight light proof containers. Except my puerh. it's in a dark place, but not in an air proof container because I want it to age...they're all away from humidity and funky smells.
BTW might have been able to rescue that garlic tea of yours. You leave it in a dark, scentless place. Open to the air for a couple of days, and most if not all the scent should be gone.
I'm not sure what I said to prompt your advice, but thanks anyway. It is very good advice to those who may not know any better. (but I know better)

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Re: New to tea - PLEASE HELP!

Postby cherryking » Aug 11th, '05, 01:58

Hi Mina,
As the tea beginer, the first thing is to find a good teapot, and good Tea, such as Keemun Blcak tea ( China), Assam Black Tea ( India), Oolong Tea or some famous Green Tea.
Then have a good and peaceful mood to enjoy your tea.
Cheers :)

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re: new to tea - PLEASE HELP

Postby peachaddict » Jan 16th, '06, 17:30

I'm not too experienced myself, but I'd recommend testing the waters and trying different kinds to see which ones suit you best. It's not terrible, but be careful - if brewing the tea yourself, make sure it's not too strong or too weak (color and smell alone are not necessarily good indicators of strength, but they help a lot. the only way to be sure is to taste it). If you love spice, try chai (it's very popular at the moment and easy to find hot or cold). I agree - black is a good start.

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Postby Snow on Cedar » Jan 16th, '06, 22:06

I'd say as a new to tea person start with the herbals, then move into the oolong or whites, then maybe greens...I'd say blacks last unless you are a fan of coffee...I personally haven't found a black I really like yet. Most are just ok as far as I'm concerned. I much prefer white teas...

Order some samplers for sure and an IngenuiTEA

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