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Postby Arcturas » Aug 23rd, '07, 17:51

Hello all
I'm Arcturas, from Portland OR
It's not all coffee here, we have some great tea houses here as well.
I have always been a tea drinker, but I used to drink coffee as well, until it began to make me sick. Then I began to learn about the health benefits of tea, and started to drink good quality teas, of all kinds.
Now I preach tea to everyone, well I try not to preach, but I do suggest and give samples to all my friends and co workers. I think there is a tea for everyone.
Honestly, I am not too crazy, just a little, and I love the site.

Greets to all
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Postby ABx » Aug 23rd, '07, 18:14

It seems like there's a disproportionate amount of Oregonians here :X

Welcome :)
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Postby Space Samurai » Aug 23rd, '07, 20:41

Welcome to teachat.

Ever since reading Fugitive and Refugees: A Walk Through Portland, Oregan by Chuck Palahnuik, I've been curious about Oregan. Of course I'm curious about most places that isn't Texas.
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Postby Chip » Aug 23rd, '07, 21:27

Indeed, welcome. Enjoy the forum, it is a wealth of info for tea aficionados.

What's in your cup?
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Postby Mocha Wheels » Aug 23rd, '07, 22:52

do you know the roloffs? lol i bet you get that a lot when people hear you live there. my boyfriend's has family in portland
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Postby xine » Aug 24th, '07, 10:52

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Postby hop_goblin » Aug 25th, '07, 15:31

Oh boy you're in for a treat! Tea is a wonderful gift from the gods! You have hit the right forum for we are all TEACRAZY!

Hop 8)
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