tortoise: Organic Sencha Gokujo (Uji) for trade

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tortoise: Organic Sencha Gokujo (Uji) for trade

Postby tortoise » Nov 11th, '10, 17:41

I've got about 80 g of Yuuki-cha's Uji Gokujo light steamed sencha that is not to my liking. It has only been open since Monday. I'm hoping someone might like to consider a trade and I am open to suggestions.

Here is Yuuki-cha's description:
Organic Uji Gokujo Sencha is cultivated on traditionally the optimum harvesting date for green tea in Japan, known as Hachiju-Hachiya in Japanese! It is a carefully balanced single estate blend of Yabukita and Komakage giving it a very distinctive sweetness of flavor, slight tart aftertaste, golden yellow infusions, and a rich grass-like aroma!
It's one of only a few high quality organic sencha in Japan to carry both the JAS and USDA organic seals, and please know, unlike many sencha that are either labeled up as "Uji Sencha" or misleadingly represented as such, yet cultivated elsewhere in Japan, our Organic Uji Gokujo Sencha is genuinely 100% grown, cultivated, processed, and packaged on the one long established organic tea farm in the Uji tea growing district of Japan!

I don't want to hide the fact that I do not enjoy this tea. That doesn't mean everyone else won't like it too. If you have something that isn't too stale and want to trade it for this Japanese asamushi-cha, let me know!
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Re: tortoise: Organic Sencha Gokujo (Uji) for trade

Postby TokyoB » Nov 11th, '10, 20:27

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