Ceylon/Orange Pekoe with fragrance ?

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Ceylon/Orange Pekoe with fragrance ?

Postby dplace » Jul 7th, '05, 22:09

recently purchased two pounds of decaf Ceylon/Orange Pekoe _ the first pot tasted 'funny' _ checked the loose tea & it had a definite fragrance _ something like Earl Gray, flowery but not really like bergamont _
the last batch of this tea (from the same supplier) had no fragrance _
any opinions ?
were we given the wrong tea ?
its iced tea season & I really need a 'plain' tea _
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Postby Marlene » Aug 11th, '05, 19:29

You could try 'airing' it out for a day or so. If you have the room, and the time, you can spread it out and let it sit for a day. Then make yourself a cup, and if it still tastes funny, it's probobly the tea, not any outside influences.
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