Rose Petal Tea?

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Rose Petal Tea?

Postby SlientSipper » Nov 30th, '10, 18:40

I know there are a few of those teas that come from flowers.
Let's discuss them okay?

I just got a bag of "Remember me tea"
Seems good... Its blue.

Have you any experiences with these seldom talked about teas?

any links on them?


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Re: Rose Petal Tea?

Postby rabbit » Dec 1st, '10, 14:34

I think the petals are just used for fragrence and decoration. Rose hip tisanes are very high in vitamin C, although they don't taste like a rose smells :)

I love picking red clover and mint to make a iced summer tisane, it's also good for alergies if you pick clover from the area you live.

Also, it's not a flower, but I really love teaberry (american wintergreen).

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Re: Rose Petal Tea?

Postby OchameTaiken » Dec 5th, '10, 13:53

I'm not sure I understood your original post, but anyway, in regard to your subject:
YES! Rose tea is a wonderful treat!

Just a straight infusion of rose petals makes a nice fragrant cup, and is really sweet to share on Valentine's/White Day.

The trick with this kind of aromatic tea is not to steep it too long. Use boiling water and just give it a quick flash infusion (30secs or so). If it's steeped too long you will only kill the aroma. And it can be re-steeped longer a 2nd, 3rd time.

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Re: Rose Petal Tea?

Postby Chip » Dec 5th, '10, 14:01

FYI, be careful of the rose petals. Commercially/horticultuarally grown roses may have been treated with pesticides not intended for consumption.

So be aware and beware.

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