Tea shop in Penang

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Tea shop in Penang

Postby c.tea » Dec 6th, '10, 02:06

Hi all~ I am a new member here. I am new to tea and i am planning to go to Penang to get some tea for my tea room. Any suggestion for me please? TQ ^.^

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Re: Tea shop in Penang

Postby IPT » Dec 6th, '10, 03:55

Do you have photos of your tea room to share? :D

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Re: Tea shop in Penang

Postby rabbit » Dec 6th, '10, 15:54

I suggest you get some tea and send it to me for free :D

Seriously- I'd say get a variety of high quality teas, pu-erh, oolong, green, etc... a bit of everything.

See what sells better in your area and then go from there.

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