New to the forum and to finer tea

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New to the forum and to finer tea

Postby Theo Sinensis » Sep 7th, '07, 23:10

Hello. I'm Theo [pronounceed táy-o] from the Washington DC area. I'm new to the forum and also to the world of finer tea.

Being English, I'm certainly no stranger to tea, but it has long been the strong black variety that I would now describe as 'comfort tea'. I've not been totally ignorant of the greens, oolongs, and whites, but like most tea drinkers where I come from, big teabags with a near black liquor is what I associated with quality until now.

I'm eagerly seeking more knowledge about all the various aspects of tea, so many of my questions here may seem very basic indeed. It's nice to know that even though this is Adagio's forum, one can talk about other tea purveyors here as well.
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Theo Sinensis
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Postby Wesli » Sep 7th, '07, 23:24

A big warm welcome to you Theo.
These forums are wonderful for us tea-enthusiasts, they allow us to address (and ask), questions from the strict basics to the wildly TEAoretical. :roll:
Search through our forums for any of your questions, if you can't find something, throw up a post and we'll share our knowledge.
I encourage you as well to drop by the chat room (it will appear as a small "instant messenger" box on the right). Me and many other enthusiasts take up post there, and we can answer most of the questions that you can ask.
Everybody has their own style, you may like exclusively black teas, while some folks such as myself drink primarily green, Japanese green, Sencha Fukamushi green. :D
You have opened the door to the world of tea. We welcome you.

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Postby Space Samurai » Sep 7th, '07, 23:50

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Postby CynTEAa » Sep 8th, '07, 11:56

Welcome, Theo!! :D
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Postby skywarrior » Sep 11th, '07, 02:40

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Postby fencerdenoctum » Sep 11th, '07, 10:05

Welcome to Teachat!

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,
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Postby xine » Sep 11th, '07, 11:05

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Postby zipp » Sep 11th, '07, 17:42

.... and ask a lot of questions .. Don't let me be the only one that bugs the crap outta the learned.
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Postby Eastree » Sep 11th, '07, 21:03

Welcome, welcome, Theo!

zipp wrote:.... and ask a lot of questions .. Don't let me be the only one that bugs the crap outta the learned.

Hey, now, I bug them, too!
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